The CHINABOND Magazine is a professional periodical sponsored by China Central Depository & Clearing Co., Ltd. dedicated in bond market study. It is among the first batch of Social Science Academic Journals appointed by State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television. It enjoys the honor of being one of the “Most Beautiful Journals in China”. It was selected as one of the “Excellent Magazines in Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China” in Beijing International Book Fair 2019. Its brand column "CCDC Bond Talks" won the provincial "Featured Column" award. The magazine holds high prestige and circulation among government bodies and regulatory agencies, bond issuers, investment institutions, financial intermediaries, and university think tanks.

CHINABOND is committed to communicating experience and research of the domestic and global bond markets, disseminating financial know-hows and market information, promoting industry-wide outreaches and exchanges, and supporting institutional construction, product innovation and healthy development of the China’s bond market.

CHINABOND adheres to the quality development doctrine and has been serving as a multilateral communicating platform for the market. Some long-standing columns, including ChinaBond Review, Special Contribution, CCDC Bond Talks, Macroeconomic Research, Market Construction, Credit Research, Bond Practice, Global Perspective, and Trader Diary, enjoy good popularity among bond practitioners; its brand activities, including Bond Market Development Forum, ChinaBond Annual Conference, CCDC F10 Forum, Top Ten Articles Selection, and CCDC Bond Talks, are all eyeball-catching industry events during their course. The magazine also operates a public account “Chinabond_monthly” on WeChat Platform, focusing on H5 content, short videos, and featured on-line articles. The magazine are actively cooperating with some famous national databases, including CNKI, Wanfang Data,,, National Social Science Database, and, etc.

ChinaBond Review

Special Contributions

Expert Interview

Six Experts’ Talks

Market Construction

Bond Practice

Market Observations

Global Perspective

Trade Diary

Market Trend

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